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I. Annual Meeting

A. Meeting Date

1. Held in the fall, usually in October or November.

2. We try to avoid conflicting dates with the Southern Historical Association, Southern Political Science Association, and International Studies Association which usually meet the first week of November, and with the American Anthropological Association, which typically meets late in November.

B. Site Selection:

The Executive Director in conjunction with the Indiana University Conference Boards (IUCB) investigates possible sites for meetings.

1. Since Chicago is our biggest draw, the Executive Committee agreed to meet there every three years. The East Coast should be the site every third year as well, with the site for the third year of the cycle being "somewhere else" (non-Chicago, non-East).

2. The Executive Committee gives final consent to the sites of the meetings.

C. Local Arrangements.

1. IU Conferences handles all negotiations with hotel, conference registration, etc.

2. Local arrangements committee may or may not exist. If it does, it looks after extra amenities such as a restaurant guide, special sessions or entertainment, receptions, guest speakers, etc.




The Deadline for Submission has been extended to March 17!